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2024 Cherry Days Grand Marshal

Orluff & Judy Opheikens

Orluff @ Judy Opheikens.jpg

Orluff Opheikens, a native of Ogden who has called North Ogden home for nearly five decades, crossed paths with his current wife, Judy, 37 years ago. Together, they blended their families, with Orluff bringing Karlie, Slade, and Chet into the mix, and Judy adding Rowdy, Cody, and sadly, the memory of Monte, who left this world too soon at the age of 15. The couple has also been blessed with 14 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren, most of whom also reside in North Ogden. Their home at 2100 North and Fruitland Drive in North Ogden is a landmark, not only for its picturesque landscaping but also for its festive Christmas decorations that they share each year with the community.Les Randall entered Orluff's life in 1976 as a neighbor in North Ogden, and their friendship blossomed into a bond akin to that of father and son. Together, they toiled in the fields, tended to water

lines, and nurtured horses, laying the foundation for R&O Construction Company in 1980. This venture not only provided Orluff with a livelihood but also became a conduit for aiding countless individuals, from friends and neighbors to the broader community.

Despite his considerable contributions, Orluff shies away from the limelight, attributing his philosophy of giving back to the mentors who guided him in his youth. His tireless work ethic and belief in offering opportunities to others have left a permanent mark on those who have crossed his path. His collaboration with city leaders in North Ogden reflects his commitment to finding solutions for the city's burgeoning needs, whether it is addressing water storage or brainstorming ways to enhance the community's infrastructure.

While Orluff prefers anonymity, his impact on North Ogden is undeniable, culminating in the unveiling of new pickleball courts at Lomond View Park, made possible by his generous support. Those who have had the privilege of working alongside Orluff attest to his selfless nature, always giving more than he receives, both to his loved ones and the community. It is with humility that Orluff and Judy accept the honor of being named Cherry Days Grand Marshals, a testament to their enduring legacy of service and compassion.

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