One week before Cherry Days, North Ogden City will be having a Treasure Hunt for our 4″ round Cherry Days Medallion. It will be hidden somewhere in the North Ogden City limits.

*The Place where the Medallion is hid does not require entry onto private property.

*We will post when the Medallion has been found.

For the person that finds the medallion: take a picture with you in the spot you found it and send the text to 801-940-1838 saying "found it" with your name.  Afterwards, bring it into the Parks and Recreation Office by July 3rd at 3:00 PM and you will win a pool party at North Shore Aquatic Center for up to 200 people in August 2017.  This is over a $200.00 value.

2017 Medallion Search Dates
June 26, 2017 - June 30, 2017

This year we have added some family fun to the medallion search.  There will be Daily Admission Passes to North Shore hidden throughout North Ogden City while you search for the medallion in public accessible locations. Please Note:  They will not necessarily be at the location the medallion is located, but rather in areas you may be lead to throughout the search.

Monday, June 26th: Don't go South of here, it all adds up to bad luck.
Tuesday, June 27th: The Macleans's would love this place.
Wednesday, June 28th: A hundred more and a hundred less than had Sparta.
Thursday, June 29th: Richard Martin’s android.

Friday, June 30th:  Be Industrious and don’t sit by the stump look under the 6 arrows with a hop, skip and a jump.

FOUND! Congratulations to the Hodson Family and Aly!


Medallion Winner Archive
2016: Landon Herrin, Brandt and Ethan Southwick, Jared, JaNae and Calista Barnes
2015: Hailey Flinders & Joe Faiola
2014: Calista Barnes, Trinity Kerr, Elle Roylance and Regan Smith
2013: Lauren & Ryan Gorsline
2012: Cord & Adelle Belnap Family
2011: Matt & Trisha Budge Family