One week before Cherry Days, North Ogden City will be having a Treasure Hunt for our Cherry Days Medallion. It will be hidden somewhere in the North Ogden City limits.

The medallion is one of the geocoins from the North Ogden Parks, Trails and Open Lands Committee.  The medallion has the code "GS0T66" on the Cherry Days side as shown in the image above.  It is 1.75" round.  Similar coins (with different codes) can be purchased from the Parks and Recreation Office (2705 N 550 E) for $15.  Proceeds go towards the North Ogden City Parks.

*The Place where the Medallion is hid does not require entry onto or destruction of private property.

*The 2021 Cherry Days Medallion has been found.

For the person that finds the medallion: take a picture with you in the spot you found it and send the text to 801-940-1838 saying "found it" with your name.  Afterwards, bring it into the Parks and Recreation Office by July 6th at 3:00 PM and you will win a pool party at North Shore Aquatic Center for up to 200 people in August 2021.  This is over a $200.00 value.

2021 Medallion Search Dates
June 28, 20121 - July 2, 2021

Clues will be posted each morning by 9:00am

June 28, 2021
Cherry Days! since 32, oh this is a treat,
A parade, some floats, and a marching band!
For some a walk or a drive so sweet,
Apples and Cherries, a real Fruitland.

June 29, 2021
Most days: a place of peace, as you will see,
Green and lush near grounds with mounds.
A drive through Deer Meadow it might well be
Except when noisy crowds are found.

June 30, 2021
A bridge, a trail; a road, and sidewalks be
A gentle slope brings you along the way.
Neatly striped with lines for all to see
A genuine and real Parkway.

July 1, 2021
A heritage to the city given,
Beneficial for those that stay and play.
The bard, the band, the recognition,
Parking for those that play and stay.

July 2, 2021
A view from above makes a crooked smile to see,
Numerous teeth shown in two symmetric rows.
32 this way and 32 that way, the middle is the key.
The medallion awaits; the lucky guest to disclose.

Congratulations to the Newey’s, Stucki and Gibsons.  The 2021 Medallion has been found!  

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Medallion Winner Archive
2021: Newey's, Stucki and Gibsons
2020: Cancelled due to COVID-19
2019: Jordan and Lizzie Aaberg
2018: Rafe and Aidan Chino and Family
2017: Hodson Family and Aly
2016: Landon Herrin, Brandt and Ethan Southwick, Jared, JaNae and Calista Barnes
2015: Hailey Flinders & Joe Faiola
2014: Calista Barnes, Trinity Kerr, Elle Roylance and Regan Smith
2013: Lauren & Ryan Gorsline
2012: Cord & Adelle Belnap Family
2011: Matt & Trisha Budge Family