One week before Cherry Days, North Ogden City will be having a Treasure Hunt for our Cherry Days Medallion. It will be hidden somewhere in the North Ogden City limits.

This year, the medallion is one of the geocoins from the North Ogden Parks, Trails and Open Lands Committee.  The medallion has the code "GS1P1K" on the Cherry Days side as shown in the image above.  It is 1.75" round.  Similar coins (with different codes) can be purchased from the Parks and Recreation Office (2705 N 550 E) for $15.  Proceeds go towards the North Ogden City Parks.

*The Place where the Medallion is hid does not require entry onto or destruction of private property.

Monday June 24th:
Our lives become the stories that we weave, for all that glitters is not gold;
A place, a place in the round we keep, an inspiration point for those so bold.
A dreamy view on a mid-summer's eve, large in scale at least in some's sight;
Depicted on a midwinter's day with a snowcapped crest of white.

Tuesday, June 25th:
Seen by some as an engineering marvel, like our most stupendous towers;
Beneath which sits a tremendous base of concrete, wood and power.
A vista grand of monumental scale is there for the world to see;
A place so wonderful and welcoming one may never want to leave.

Wednesday, June 26th:
A place of calm as the cars drive by, typical of a forest of green;
Where fairies dance and children have played hoping to not be seen.
And in the evening hours as the sun doth set, their shadows they do point;
To the place of hiding, a treasure concealed in the weathered bowels of a joint.

Thursday, June 27th: 
As so often seen in treasure hunts, real clues are quite distort;
by messages hidden in the news, on playbills made to report.
A prose means this and a prose means that, depending on your view;
Sometimes the things that say hello, will often say adieu.

Friday, June 28th:
At an island it be unto itself quite separate from the rest;
one side you will find arrayed in blue, the other brown and facing west.
With many so prominent in our view I wondered and amazed;
which three are shown upon this piece so eloquently displayed.

In the round letter C, on the "Welcome" sign that sits on a little island at the East entrance to our beautiful city North Ogden.  

Congratulations to Jordan and Lizzie Aaberg.

Sponsored By: 

600 W. 2700 N. Pleasant View, UT 84414
Opening Summer of 2019

*We will post when the Medallion has been found. - 

For the person that finds the medallion: take a picture with you in the spot you found it and send the text to 801-940-1838 saying "found it" with your name.  Afterwards, bring it into the Parks and Recreation Office by July 3rd at 3:00 PM and you will win a pool party at North Shore Aquatic Center for up to 200 people in August 2019.  This is over a $200.00 value.

2019 Medallion Search Dates
June 24, 2019 - June 28, 2019

Clues will be posted each morning by 9:00am

Medallion Winner Archive
2018: Rafe and Aidan Chino and Family
2017: Hodson Family and Aly
2016: Landon Herrin, Brandt and Ethan Southwick, Jared, JaNae and Calista Barnes
2015: Hailey Flinders & Joe Faiola
2014: Calista Barnes, Trinity Kerr, Elle Roylance and Regan Smith
2013: Lauren & Ryan Gorsline
2012: Cord & Adelle Belnap Family
2011: Matt & Trisha Budge Family