Please join with North Ogden City in honoring the 2021 Cherry Days Grand Marshal.

Marie and George Cavanaugh
Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates

A long time ago...well over 50 years, A man named George Cavanaugh had joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He lived in South Dakota and if you have ever been there you know that it is not a very populated state. And even fewer Church members. He wanted to marry a "Mormon" girl so he set off for Brigham Young University. He was successful and married the girl of his dreams...Marie. He convinced her to move to South Dakota which she thought was down south somewhere. They farmed and had babies and lived the Gospel. 

George was set apart as the District President over 4 Branches in a 200 mile radius and Marie was the Relief Society District President. There was only one chapel and the other three Branches wanted a building to worship in so a lot of fund raising went on. Then Marie decided that they needed to make some 'serious' money. She made copies of her mother's candy recipes and handed them out to all of the sisters, assigning them to bring certain flavors and they would get together and dip the candy and box the chocolates. Then a letter came from Salt Lake City...Sister Belle Spafford, then Relief Society General President, telling the sisters that they were not to be the money making arm of the Church. Marie was innovative and suggested that they have the priesthood come and box the chocolates and collect the money.... and in no time the chapels were built! 

Marie was so caught up with the chocolate world and had made so many friends that wanted her to continue providing sweet confections, that she took a 1 pound box to the local banker and asked for a loan of $15,000. This was in 1963 and she was a woman in a small community. Unheard of.....  After he had eaten half the box he gave her the loan and then ordered 200 pounds to be delivered for Christmas. MRS. CAVANAUGH'S was born.

In 1972 George felt impressed to move to Utah. When he asked Marie if she would like to move back to her beloved mountains, she was thrilled. They moved the family to Bountiful and tested the market with their chocolates and they have never looked back. On paper, this small family business should never have succeeded. But with the Lord's blessings and lots of hard work the Cavanaugh's are a household name today. They are in six locations through out the valley. Orem, Valley Fair Mall, North Salt Lake Factory, Bountiful, Layton Hills Mall, and North Ogden. The Factory location offers tours and free samples. 

P.S. Sometimes people ask if this story is true and if the Cavanaugh's really exist. George passed away 8 years ago. Marie is still alive and well.  The Children are now heavily involved in the business and Marie is still giving words of wisdom from the sidelines! 

Grand Marshal History
2021 - Marie and George Cavanaugh
2020 - Cherry Days Cancelled (COVID-19)
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